Faded Empires: Painting by Dave Moore

The Highpoint is pleased to present


Faded Empires: paintings by Dave Moore

Faded Empires: paintings by Dave Moore'

A Highpoint and Eric Schindler Gallery collaboration show

in the Blackburn Gallery

extended through April 29th, 2021

A statement about Faded Empires: Paintings by Dave Moore

(in which Dave reveals that a certain stylistic schizophrenia is not merely the by-product of a series of randomized art-making processes, but an overall painterly aspiration)

There are not many things that I love that are one-note, except maybe the guitar solo of Cinnamon Girl. This applies directly to almost everything, but especially to the artists and art history that I love and admire, and the work I make myself.

A great example of this is the time of the Ottoman empire, when Constantinople was the capitol...a crossroads of the world, where the knowledge and beliefs and styles of the trading world mixed into a new and unique form art and culture.

The Ottoman empire has faded, shifted, dispersed...and that is something we have a pretty good historical grasp of, much like the Roman and Greek empires, or old, old continuous nations like India, China and Japan.

But what can we know of others, like the Maya, the Inca, even Egypt, based only really on ruins and presumed knowledge? Much less a mytho-historical idea like Atlantis, as conveyed to us by Plato via other sources?

The writing on the wall(s) for me is this: Empires,fade, but history proceeds. And few living through the fading of an empire were likely much aware of it until the walls fell down and/or the waters rose up.

Not to be a bummer- the upside is that even though the Maya present a mysterious, enigmatic puzzle for history to ponder, Mexico and Central / South America are still hanging tough. But look at those old stones and take what messages you can from them. In the meantime, I will be continuing to combine all the varieties of art making and art history, old and new, east and west in the hopes of creating a new form, a strange and unique style that is either all styles or none, and looking forward to another show.

-Dave Moore

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Mona Dworkin  Rise Speak Repeat - what we may be painting

Mixed media works by Mona Dworkin

in the East Wing Gallery

extended through April 29th, 2021

Mona Dworkin's mixed media portraits explore essence, vulnerability and expectations in a new world where "we know what we are, but not what we may be." Identity has become untethered from traditional notions in the wake of postmodernity, and it is in this area where Dworkin focuses her artistic endeavors.

Elements of race, gender and relationships are portrayed as fragmented and sometimes disparate with recognizable eyes staring back at the viewer. As the title of the show references a quote from Hamlet, this body of work similarly echoes themes of uncertainty pervasive in the play.

Her work reflects the current social climate where we are acutely aware of, and often tormented by, our present selves and begs us to consider the vast and unknowable potentials of our futures.

Gallery Hours:

as of March 2021

Stop by Wednesdays or Fridays between 2pm and 6pm, or by special appointmnent, and follow The Highpoint for updates and regarding virtual tours.
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January 2021 Update

Due to the current situation, the classroom and music room have been rented long-term.

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January 2021 Update

Due to the current situation, the classroom and music room have been rented long-term.

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